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FlexManagement has in the past few years worked for numerous organisations on organisational and management projects. Because of this and other work experiences FlexManagement has become a specialist in the area of Interim Management, Consultation, Project Management and Coaching.

Interim Management & Consultancy

People and organisations are constantly changing. Change to expand. Change to realise ambitions. Change to achieve targets in the current market. Change to... but what if the organisation and the personnel do not change or grow at the same time? Not able to realise the organisations ambitions due to changed circumstances? Organisations that due to growth are not able to cope any more? Organizations that do not have enough capacity or knowledge? Then you need an experienced specialist to advise you and your management team, to lead and supply practical support. Through many years of experience in just this sort of work situation is FlexManagement the ideal flexible Consultant, Interim Manager or just as support. Available for temporary or long term managerial position whether as replacement or new.

Project Management

As a project manager or leader FlexManagement can organize activities that usually fall outside the normal company procedures. The activity would be of a temporary nature and would conclude within a set time and with a particular result. The activities can be anything from setting up a facilities department to organizing of events.


FlexManagement is especialy interested in people, in their ambitions and in the choices they make to realise those ambitions. FlexManagement channels human resources within or outside the organisation to realise those ambitions. Making it possible for people to look at themselves from a different viewpoint, by realising their strong points and talents or just be there for interaction.



Bert van Valburg

Hubertus v.d. Clusenstraat 8, 5581 CT Waalre, Nederland. Tel: +31 6 42138866. Email: info@flexmanagement.eu